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SG Benefits Consulting (PTY) LTD is a specialised recovery of savings and investments (Pension Fund, Provident Fund, Long term insurance, Medical Aid and related) of former employees and their beneficiaries/dependants. We track and trace the beneficiaries/dependants, diagnose the nature of investment or savings and identify the relevant fund and/or insurance to facilitate with or on behalf of beneficiaries.

Benefits of choosing SG Benefits

Our proficiency in the field of retirement funds (Pension/Provident Fund) and related savings and investments make us unique in recovery services. Former employees and their beneficiaries will receive their benefits in good time and accurately in strict accordance with the rules of the fund and relevant statutory.
Our services stretch beyond benefits recovery, thus provide expertise in labour relations, mediation and negotiations. For an example if a client has a labour dispute with former employer or family dispute, we assist to resolve such disputes.

Our services are tailored in strict accordance to each individual client needs. We also offer direct personal assistance and home visit depending on claims, client and geographical sphere i.e. if a client is an elderly person who is the guardian of a minor child or children, efforts are made to accommodate her in resolving the claim in question.
What we do to meet clientele needs
We handle eligibility tracking of relevant retirement funds and beneficiaries. In addition we provide constant feedback, provide halfway visits to their homes at shopping complexes/malls, bus/taxi stations, nearest towns and cities and serve with language of choice.

Our experience taught us that no matter how much a company automate its services, clients still need to be assisted or served by people they trust and most importantly speaking the language of choice. This is invaluable customer service feature we provide without bias.
Company recognition
What we did since inception?
Industry recognition - Since the inception most of the retirement fund administrators, insurance and other stakeholders recognize us through our professionalism, courtesy and the unique specialty we provide in the industry.

We also assist to track down beneficiaries whom for so many years remain untraced on behalf of funds administrators.
We facilitated claims from the Government Employees Pension Fund, Guardian’s Fund, Special Pension, Municipality Gratuity Fund, Municipal Employees Pension Fund, Liberty Life, MIBCO, Old Mutual, MIBFA, Sanlam, Alexander Forbes, NBC, Absa Actuaries & Consultants, Momentum, Metropolitan, Compensation Fund, UIF and Medical Aid Savings.

The claims were ranging from death in service or after termination, injuries on duty, retirement, resignation, dismissal, abscondments, orphans pensions, funeral benefits, insurance claims, leave credits and medical aid savings.

We also managed to successfully resolve disputes between in laws, customary wives, children in and out of wedlock amongst others. In resolving retirement fund related family disputes, the Pension Fund Act 1956, Government Employees Pension Law, 1996 and rules of various funds provide guidance.
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